Here at Freelands Tiles, we like to keep a wide range of adhesives and tile accessories.

We offer competitive prices for both trade and retail customers. We also supply
Warmup underfloor heating which is usually available on a next day delivery basis.

Our extensive product list includes:

  • Floor and wall adhesive (ready mixed & powdered Ultra).
  • Large range of coloured grouts with matching silicones.
  • Sealers, cleaners and protectors, manufactured by Lithofin, HG and LTP
  • Self-leveller compound (Ultra)
  • All types of trim including, metal/plastic, round-edge/square-edge.
  • Tile backer board and ditra matting
  • Wet and dry cutters
  • Diamond drill bits
  • All tiling tools


Tile floor cleaner

Electric floor tile cleaner for hire

£25.00 per day 

Green & white pads £6.50 each plus v.a.t

Deposit required

Superb results

easy to use 

Panels 1200×600×10mm £13.50
Panels 1200×600×12mm £14.20
 Panels 1200×600×20mm £15.29
 Panels 1200×600×30mm £17.20
 Panels 2400×600×10mm £27.00
 Panels 2400×600×12mm £28.40
 Panels – Pre Scored (W) 2400×600×20mm £58.74
 Panels – Pre Scored (L) 2400×600×20mm £58.74
 Rectangular Tray – Offset Drain 800×1200×20mm £119.40
 Rectangular Tray – Offset Drain 800×1500×20mm £155.88
 Rectangular Tray – Centre Drain 900×1200×20mm £123.12
 Rectangular Tray – Offset Drain 900×1200×20mm £123.12
 Rectangular Tray – Centre Drain 1200×800×20mm £119.40
 Rectangular Tray – Corner Drain 1200×900×20mm £123.12
 Rectangular Tray – Centre Drain 1200×1000×20mm £134.76
 Square Tray – Centre Drain 800×800×20mm £104.88
 Square Tray – Centre Drain 900×900×20mm £112.68
 Square Tray – Centre Drain 1000×1000×20mm £119.40
 Square Tray – Centre Drain 1200×1200×20mm £167.88
 Square Tray – Corner Drain 800×800×20mm £104.88
 Square Tray – Corner Drain 900×900×20mm £112.68
 Channel Drain Tray 900×900×30mm £277.32
 Channel Drain Tray 900×1200×30mm £294.96
 Channel Drain Tray 900×1500×30mm £313.68
 Shower Drain
 Waterproofing Kit 10sqm £87.40
 Tanking Membrane 5kg £54.95
 Self Adhesive Waterproof Tape 10m £27.40

 Washers – Stainless Steel (Qty – 100) 35mm £22.50

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